The Art of Indian Embroidery by MaryJane Claverol

Why I chose India. As a place where everyone who visits, can use the opportunity to learn about one of the most valuable lessons in their lives. For me, it was the art of embroidery. In India, If you are calm and patient, the city and its people will drive you crazy. If you are the total opposite and stress is an important part of your everyday life, then you are in the right place. Life in India will teach you to breathe deeply. Then count to 10 before doing anything impulsive. Indian embroidery inspired me. Everyone who visits India learns something from the moment they arrive.

First of all, in India,I learned how to control my most initial instincts. It gave me the opportunity to discover one of its most hidden treasures, the art of embroidery. From day one, I learned a lot from the traditional embroidery art. I observed the Indian locals. Embroidery in India includes dozens of regional embroidery styles that vary by region. Indian embroidery designs are achieved by the texture and the design of the fabric and the stitch.

In the years I lived there, I had the opportunity to partner with manufacturing workshops. I specialized in the knowledge of accessories and embellishments. Scarfs, shawls, handbags, jewelry and shoes among others. It was then when I fell deeply in love with their laborious techniques and how amazingly local Indian embroiderers artisans work.

Embroidery is a very proper and outstanding job in India. Some  clothes and attires are part of meaningful rituals and celebrations such as Wedding Anniversaries or Baptisms. Each embroidery creation is distinct to each and one of these events and has many variations depending on the geographic zone. For instance, to prepare a bridal wedding dress, several months are needed to finish it and the families save for a lifetime to purchase the most detailed and amazing dress. When shopping for a bridal dress, there is an unlimited selection of materials that make up each embroidery. Gold and silver thread, crystals, semi-precious stones, pearls are just a few. Each embroidery is created on fabric, upholstery or silk jacquard.

It was my interest and passion for embroidery that made possible the creation of these fabulous necklaces in my jewelry collection. The Jasmeet Necklace and the Crystal Garden Bracelet. Both inspired in the rustic embroidered Indian fabrics. Why are these designs so unique to me? They are born to the union of a very unique traditional Indian element in embroidery.  The dab ka (typical Indian embroidery) and the contrast and modern touch of a rubber coated chain in black matte.

 Crystal Garden Bracelet-Hand embroidered Indian jewelry with gold, translucent and crystal motifs Hand embroidered bracelet from India with translucent crystal, pearls, and gold motifs.[/caption]


Jasmeet hand embroidered Bib necklace inspired by Indian artisans, with white, gold and black accents. Jasmeet, Hand embroidered Bib necklace with beautiful Indian inspired motifs in black, pearls, gold and intricate design.