YES! You can mix taxidermy and fashion and succeed.

I recently purchased 3 tarantulas at my favorite taxidermy store in Wynwood: Artbygod.  I chose the tarantula because I actually I am extremely intimidated and terrified of them. I can not describe how repulsed I am by their mere presence. So, with these fears,  I thought this would be a good exercise to get a little bit closer to them. Maybe I would be less intimidated since they no longer alive, but in taxidermy form.  Yes, I know, it is not fair, but a good start to overcome my fears.

I spent more than three days painting over and over these little critters.  It took me a while to take my gloves off and literally pad them with my fingertips, but finally,  I can say we bonded.

The light pink tone plus the embellishments that were made using swarovski stones, eased the spine tingling feeling I had and made her easier to the eyes, and finally created something I am very proud of from a creature that really makes me feel uncomfortable. Once again, it is stated how the beauty patterns work on our minds. We are culturally conditioned.

There you have it!! The story of one of my many creations.  You can see this and many other creations at my store located at the Leah Arts District in near Miami or visit my website,